Wasatch Credit Association offers Investment Certificates that allows you to pick your term at a great rate. We have several options for your Investment Certificates whether you are looking to increase your retirement savings or moving money from another investment.

Investment Certificates

Investment Certificates from Wasatch Credit Association allows you to earn a great interest rate and are the ideal way to earn more.

Fixed Rate

Fixed Term

No Fees


1 yr.
3 yr.
5 yr.

Interest Paid out Quarterly (Quarters: end of March, June, September and December). $10,000 Minimum. $800,000 Maximum Per Certificate.

Accredited Investor Offerings

Wasatch Credit Association offers additional investment programs for high net worth individual who qualify under the definition of Accredited Investors. Please Contact Ashley at our Bountiful Office for additional information.

Understanding Investment Certificates

An investment certificate is a type of investment that offers a competitive yield to investors who want a fixed rate, for a fixed period. Certificates allow you to make an investment with a secured interest rate for a specific period of time.

The certificates are securities offered by Wasatch Credit Association. They are not insured by the FDIC or any federal or state governmental agency, are not secured by any assets of Wasatch Credit Association, its shareholders, or affiliates, and may be subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principal value or amount invested.