Hard Money Loans 

Wasatch Credit Association provides borrowers with convenient and customized loans to improve neighborhoods one home at a time.


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Getting approved for a hard money loan with Wasatch Credit is easy.

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Loan Terms:
Rate: 12%-18%
Loan Fee: 1 - 4.5
Term: 6 months- 12 months, interest only
Appraisal Fee: None
LTV: Up to 90% of purchase price
Borrowers Down Payment: 10%-30%, depending on specific situation
Construction Draw: If applicable: funds will be held by lender and released in draws. No fee for taking out construction draws
Doc Prep Fee: None
Min and Max Loan Amounts: Minimum: $50,000. Maximum: $2,500,000
Extension Period: 6 months
Additional Loan Fee (Prorated): 1 - 4.5


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Wasatch Credit Association currently makes loans near Oregon, and Southwest Washington. 

We offer several types of customized hard money loan options to meet your needs. See below for more details about our loan terms.

We do hard money loans on many different types of projects including:

  • New Construction Loans
  • Fix and Flip / Rehab Loans
  • Bridge Loans

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